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Melissa Teaff

Melissa has quite a story to tell, and it all started when she was a child, watching her parents entertain friends, family and business associates with great joy. Melissa has carried that precious happiness on through her every day life and into her career. She will tell anyone, one of her greatest rewards is making people happy. She is a woman who has changed the complexion of catering in the Napa Valley and beyond - with an intense attention to detail, interlacing events with artfully styled presentations, and employing people with her philosophy of “Only the best will do.”

Her friends, family, employees and clients say the same things about this consistently creative woman - “She provides worlds of opportunities for us all,” and “caters parties for everyone as if they were her own personal events.” She doesn't believe in the revolving door policy for her employees; she wants them to stay and always be a part of this extended family.

Melissa is courageous, curious and loves spontaneity; those qualities undoubtedly have served her well over the twenty-five years she's been catering events in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, San Francisco and Greater Bay Area. She has kept her company boutique in size, but caters with a largesse that truly comes from her generous nature. This generosity nourishes her clients and is instilled in all the custom designed menus for catered events. Melissa also gives back to the community in a myriad of ways; some examples are her dedication and devotion to the Napa and Sonoma Junior League, George Mark Children's House, and the Boys and Girls Club of Napa and Sonoma.

She encourages everyone to take time to celebrate life at whatever level possible because “life is short.” When her company gets a call to cater a Memorial for a loved one, she mentioned, “I always try to say yes, because they don't need 'no's' at a time like this.”

It's easy to understand Melissa's sensitivity because she genuinely likes people, and it's easy to have fun when you're in her company. Her sense of humor brings forth little quips that take seriousness out of the day, and put pleasure in - such as “Never Trust a Skinny Cook!” When asked if she had any tips or words of wisdom she could pass on to people who were wanting to plan a party? She replied with that impish grin, “Only the best will do.”


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